Price: $600

State: Washington
City: Seattle
Zip code: 98101
Type: Animals

People say that I am cute and cuddly, but there is more to that if you get to know me. I'm Amaya, young but not promiscuous. I don't wanna be a breeding bird just like my parents. My destiny is different, I wanna be a normal bird who enjoys the company of my human.
My family loves me sooo much, in fact they even got me this huge house that is zinc and lead free. They also provide me fresh fruits and volkman seeds everyday. Mangoes, apples, peanuts, cooked broccoli are some of my favorites. I do watch my weight though because I wanna be in best shape and perfect feather. Taking showers every other day helps me to stay fresh and free from any nasty body odors. My Humans gave me huge toys to keep me busy and they always give me shoulder rides when they get back from this place called "work". I can mimic several sounds such as barking, witch laugh, chirping, meowing etc. My kind rivals the Congo African Grey when it comes to talking ability and clarity.
Our family came to this very hard decision to find me a good home because there is this guy they called "grandpa" who recently moved in with them. He is a very old human and he seemed nice,but he always get sick when he's around me. The Doctor said he is allergic to me. I wasn't a bad bird or anything, its just some humans tend to get ill when I am around. Please be honest if you have another human with bird allergies in your flock before we move forward because I don't wanna hear the "It's not you honey, It's me" speech again ever.
Unlike my hormonal cousin (Blue crowned amazon), my breed won't have the PMS- Post Menstrual Syndrome for the next 50 years because that is how long I can live. Yellow crowned amazon is a very mellow and loyal breed of parrot.Yellow-Crowned Amazon Parrots are generally well behaved and considered to be kid-friendly. They are a great addition to any household. Highly intelligent and talkative.
Physical Description
The Yellow-Crowned Amazon averages 10-13 inches from head to tip of its tappered tail. The plumage of the Yellow-Crown is mostly green. Yellow markings are found on the crown of the bird. The wings of this bird are beautiful with its primary and secondary feathers possessing a violet-blue at the tips and outer webs and they have red markings at the bend of the wing. Their beautiful blue and red markings are typically not seen when the bird is perched. This bird has a dark bill with a large horn or reddish spot on the upper mandible.
Average Lifespan
Yellow-Crowned Amazons average lifespan is 35-50 years in captivity.
The Yellow-Crown is an even tempered Amazon, and as a result they make excellent pets. They are good talkers and as a result there boisterous calls are typically in that of a human voice.
The Yellow-Crown Amazon is known for its playful antics and talking abilities. Their playful and friendly personalities make them excellent pets. They are an easily trained bird and are known to be very active. If given the space to play and move they can live a very healthy and playful life. Like all Amazons, the Yellow-Crown loves to chew so it is very important to make sure that they have sufficient safe toys consisting of combinations of wood, leather and other natural products to keep them occupied. Don't worry if your bird destroys his toys -- that is a sign of a healthy and happy bird.
If you are still reading this, it means you are interested to meet me. Maybe we can go on a "blind date" or something. No pressure, just a meet and greet, then after that we will see if we have the "chemistry or love at first sight". It doesn't bother me at all if you want me to learn new tricks. I'll do anything to impress you and make your heart skip a beat. I recently got done rehearsing my "playing dead act" which you will see on one of my pictures. I'm hoping that I'll be playing a "zombie parrot" in walking dead tv series. Some of my favorite past time includes swinging and dancing on my pole even though I have no desire to be a stripper.LOL My breed has been known in the parrot world as "feathered puppy" because we are energetic even at the age of 50.
My rehoming fee is 600 which will include my great house( 500.00 dollar EZ CARE SUPER PETS CAGE), awesome toys and food. It will protect me from being treated like a "cheap girl"( Amaya cost 1,400 dollars from a reputable breeder because she is leg banded)who will be subjected to abuse or shady activities like bird flipping. I gave my current family the green light to be very selective to where I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with. It's very important to them that my early stage in life will be full of happy memories. You will need to have a experience on large parrot to convince them that you are THE ONE. I am not looking for a fling, right now attitude or friends with benefits. I want a long term relationship with that human that can respect and provide all my needs.
Please put "BLIND DATE WITH AMAYA" on the subject of your email to make sure that you are not a scam artist or a full blown crazy person.