Price: $100

State: Washington
City: Seattle
Zip code: 98103
Type: Animals

Purebred miniature Lamanchas (1/2 Lamancha milk goat, 1/2 Nigerian Dwarf). Four females, one buckling. All are exceptionally healthy, never given antibiotics and from excellent milkgoat blood lines (Glimmercroft). All are disbudded (dehorned) to meet city requirements. Buckling has not yet been neutered, though we can do that for you if you wish. (Unneutered male goats are illegal within city limits.)
Neutered males (wethers) are very gentle and affectionate. Miniature Lamanchas make wonderful city goats, either as pets or as milk producers, because they are gentle, calm, quiet and affectionate. These kids' mothers give well over a gallon a day (including what the kids drink; i.e. we get over 2 qts/day each for our own consumption.) They aren't unlike house pets in that they're beautiful to look at, hold, nuzzle, etc. Schedule a visit to come and pick yours out. Prices vary as follows and are negotiable:
$100 for neutered boy
$200 for a doeling (there are 4 total).
$375 for a pair of doelings.
$550 for 3 doelings
$275 for a doeling and a whether.
$200 for an intact breeding buckling.
They will be ready for their new homes in about six weeks. Come by and reserve your choice. They will go fast.
(More photos on request)
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