Price: $10

State: Washington
City: Seattle
Zip code: 98136
Type: Animals

I currently hatch out my own chicks and these are extras that i don't need.
I also have a few (Pure White) buttons in males only with black eyes. $10.00each 16 weeks old 2 left now.
Price very firm on all my buttons since i put a lot of love and care.
My birds eat a high Protein poultry food and Dandelions from the yard which contains Multivitamins.
They also eat finch mix,oyster shell, Crush/Grinded egg shells, multivitamins in the water bottles,grit, left over parrot foods and any veg's available to them.:)
I love all my birds and take great care of them so please make a good home for them. I have youtube videos you can view at charliesweb1k.
If you don't want to buy 8 week olds and want eggs then contact me for my website and or special orders on Mix or one color type that you're looking for.
I can meet up with you with the eggs or I can mail them to you Priority Mail as I normally do for the extras shipping cost of $6.98.
this will 2-3 days to get to you but mostly 2 days.
I pack like a pro since i have been doing this for 2 years on,my website, youtube and anywhere else i have posted.
If i meet with you then you save on shipping but im limited on the amount of eggs i can fill so please ask me about how many you would like..:)
Please only meet in these areas only.
West Seattle
White Center
Downtown Seattle
Please ask any questions and email me.:)
You can also see my Facebook page CHARLIE'S CHICKS for photos and learn more about Button Quails, Coturnix and Seramas.
Photos of the chicks you see are from a 5 weeks ago and some of them one's im selling are in these photos.
Thanks to all of you for your support and have a great year..:)