Price: $180

State: Washington
City: Seattle
Zip code: 98136
Type: Animals

These little parrots where born the first week of April.
They are now eating Millet seeds, Dried Fruits and more.
Two are green and two are green pieds.
Parents are Visual Green Pieds and had 11 eggs and 8 where born, so good breeders.
Babies are unsexed and healthy.
We did not hand feed or hand tame them but they do allow you to come up to the cage and feed them and sometimes pet their little beaks.
growing fast and now weaned on their own.
Please make an offer to buy one or two.
I WILL MEET WITH YOU IN A PUBLIC PLACE. I can bring the birds you ask since it's only a few that I have left now.
They have sold fast.
I don't charge normal fee's as i don't breed them, they just had babies.
Some of the babies may already be rehomed ,so just ask which one's are available. If any are in single photos i'll take them down that are now rehomed .
Thank you